RockEye Geo Tech FZC launched the product "RockEye" at Eage London 2013

  • Mobile

    With RockEye you have mobility. You may work from home or even take your Seismic Data to the site of your customer for demonstrations by viewing the Seismic Data with RockEye.

  • High Speed -€“ Huge Data Volumes

    RockEye is designed to handle large 3D datavolumes in high speed. Files of total size more than 750Gb is easily handled.

  • Easy Operation

    RockEye is utilizing the latest technology to provide an intuitive and easy to use interface. No training is required and high quality presentations are quickly produced.

  • Export to new SEGY file

    From any SEGY file, you can export the whole file or selections of the file to a complete new SEGY file. Text Header is editable for the new SEGY file

RockEye, the new sales tool for Seismic Vendors

There are many software tools in the market for assisting geologists and geophysicists to search for hydrocarbons in the subsurface. Their source of data is surveys normally delivered as SEGY files. The suppliers of these surveys, the Seismic Vendors, have until now used software programs dedicated to geologists in their sales job.

With the introduction of RockEye, this has now changed

Now the Seismic Vendors have finally access a tool developed and adapted to your specific needs.. A tool that speaks your language in order to be able to adequately present complex seismic data to your customers in a simple way. A tool which will assist you in conveying your seismic data proposals.

How it works?

Work smarter. Work faster. Have fun.

Service Offerings

Our invaluable support to your requirement, suggestions and feedback can be integrated with RockEye, by designing custom solution.

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Our seismic exploration data management professionals offer a dynamic range of proven-state of the art IT based consulting solutions.

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Our technology consultants provide software solutions to best fit your needs with rich interactive user experience.

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Our dedicated support team provides on-line service to find responses to all your queries.

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